Karma Platform is still in BETA, not ready for production. Use it at your own risk!

Create your own web and mobile app

Sign up and take one of our sample templates - or bring your own spreadsheet - and turn it into a web and mobile app.

Convert lists of data from spreadsheets into fully functional native applications.

  1. Sign up and log in
  2. Check one of our sample apps. My Company is the best to start with.
  3. Want to create your own app? Don’t know where to start?
  4. Check out our guide on how to make a Karma compatible spreadsheet.
  5. When ready simply drag & drop your Excel into Karma.
  6. Once the new application is ready click on its icon to start it.
  7. Explore the navigation, editing and searching features. When all is done, log out from the top right corner menu. That’s it. Enjoy!

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